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Established in 1991, The Division of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine provides state-of- the-art unscheduled and emergency care to children and adolescents from birth to 21 years of age in the Emergency Department of St. Louis Children’s Hospital. The Division also has a Section of Child Abuse Pediatrics, which provides comprehensive diagnostic, forensic and therapeutic services to children who have been victims of abuse. The Division has a robust fellowship program, which is one of only two fellowships in Pediatric Emergency Medicine to be supported by an NIH training grant. There is also a new Fellowship Program in Child Abuse Pediatrics. The Division provides education to medical students, residents in pediatrics and emergency medicine, fellows and to office and community physicians and allied health workers. The Division has 16 faculty members and 8 fellows.

Learn more about the pediatric emergency medicine division by visiting http://pediatrics.wustl.edu/emergency

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EM Statistics
Adult ED Visits: 95,600
Pediatric ED Visits: 50,000
Trauma Center: Level 1
Residency Type: 1-4
Fellowship Programs: 5
FT Faculty: 40
Residents: 48