EMS Fellowship | EMS Alumni


Melissa Kroll, MD, Class of 2018

EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:


Sven Steen, Class of 2018

EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:


Maia Dorsett, MD PhD, Class of 2017

EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:

  • University of Rochester Medical Center, Division of Pre-hospital Medicine
  • Medical Director, EMS Education Programs, Monroe Community College, Rochester, NY
  • Associate Medical Director, Gates Volunteer Ambulance, Inc. Rochester, NY


Brandon Bleess, MD, Class of 2017


EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:
  • Clinical Assistant Professor, EMS Academic Faculty, Department of Emergency Medicine, University of Illinois College of Medicine-Peoria

Nathan Woltman, MD, EMT-T, Class of 2016


EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:
  • Director, Tactical Medicine Fellowship, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine
  • Operational Medical Director, Bureau of ATF


Jeff Siegler, MD, EMT-P/T, Class of 2016

EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:
  • Tactical Physician, St. Charles County Regional SWAT

Erica Carney, MD, Class of 2015

EMS Board Certified - November 2017

EMS Assignments:
  • Medical Director, Kansas City (MO) Fire Department

Nicholas Rathert, MD, Class of 2014

EMS Board Certified - 2013

EMS Assignments:

  • Assistant Professor, EM, Albany Medical Center Albany, NY
  • Associate Chief, Division Prehospital and Operational Medicine
  • EMS Fellowship Program Director
  • Schenectady Fire Department Medical Director
  • LifeNet of New York/Air Methods Base Medical Director

Benjamin Ostrovsky, MD, Class of 2013


EMS Assignments:
  • Director, EMS Rotation Emergency Medicine Residency Program
  • Agency Medical Director, Genesee Valley Emergency Medical Services
  • Agency Medical Director, SUNY Geneso First Response
  • Assistant Agency Medical Director, Livonia Emergency Medical Services
  • Deputy Medical Director, Monroe County

Jacob B. Keeperman, MD, EMT, Class of 2012


EMS Assignments:
  • Assistant Professor, Washington University – Department of Anesthesiology and Division of Emergency Medicine, Section of EMS
  • Medical Director, Missouri Operations – AirEvac Lifeteam

Michael T. Lohmeier, MD, Class of 2011


EMS Assignments:
  • University of Wisconsin at Madison – EMS Division
  • Associate Medical Director, Madison Fire Department
  • Tactical Physician, Madison Police Department

Bridgette Svancarek, MD, Class of 2010


EMS Assignments:
  • Board of Directors, CoAEMSP
  • Medical Director, N/S Tech EMS & Fire Academy
  • Medical Director, IHM Health Studies Center
  • Medical Director, Education Subcommittee, State Advisory Council on EMS
  • Core Faculty, EMS Fellowship, Washington University School of Medicine

Jeffrey Shafer, MD, EMT-P, Class of 2009


EMS Assignments:
  • EMS Medical Direcot for HSHS St. Elizabeth's Hospital EMS program

Scott Gilmore, MD, EMT-P, FACEP, FAEMS, Class of 2009


EMS Assignments:
  • Medical Director, St. Louis Fire Department
  • Board Member, National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
  • Chair, EMS Committee, MOCEP

Brian Froelke, MD, Class of 2007


EMS Assignments:

  • Medical Director, Christian Hospital EMS
  • President, Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative Medical Director
  • Assistant Medical Team Manager, St. Louis Metro USAR Taskforce-1

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