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David K. Tan, MD, FAAEM, FAEMS
Chief, EMS Section
Medical Director
Washington University EMS
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Unmatched Training & Medical Oversight

Washington University EMS is Missouri's first and only physician-based, licensed Emergency Medical Response Agency (EMRA). I hope these Web pages convey our enthusiasm for providing high quality medical oversight and give you a sense of our commitment. If you have any questions about our Medical Direction Services, I encourage you to contact me.

EMS agencies whether ground ambulance, air ambulance, fire/rescue, law enforcement, industrial or institutional medicine, are complex organizations. Responders increasingly face a variety of new challenges in the field. Missouri law says the paramedic may perform actions that are delegated by the Medical Director, but is the Medical Director a mere signature on a page?


What would you do? Appropriate helicopter use

Paramedic TV - Standing Orders:

Tips for Treating USAR crush injuries

Damage control resuscitation

"Bath Salts" Ingestion

More than dodging bullets

Tourniquet use in the field

Intubation and capnography in EMS

WU EMS Medical Direction provides:

  • Cutting-edge medical oversight including scene response capability.
  • An opportunity to improve medical care for your constituents.
  • Assurance that Out-of-Hospital medical care is both caring and scientifically sound.
  • Collaborative, collegial training.
  • Role models for colleagues.
  • Continually updated protocols.
  • Modern EMS Medical Direction.

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EM Statistics
Adult ED Visits: 95,600
Pediatric ED Visits: 55,000
Trauma Center: Level 1
Residency Type: 1-4
Fellowship Programs: 5
FT Faculty: 46
Residents: 53