Missouri College of Emergency Physicians (MOCEP)

MOCEP is the Missouri chapter of the American College of Emergency Physicians. He was a resident member of the board before being elected to the board in 2011.  In 2016, he became the Vice President of MOCEP.  he has spent time lobbying on behalf of Emergency Physicians in both Jefferson City and Washington, D.C.  Along with Dr. Jon Heidt, he revamped the MOCEP website in 2013.  The two are in charge of website maintenance and social  medical (including the MOCEP Facebook and Twitter pages) for MOCEP

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EM Statistics
Adult ED Visits: 95,600
Pediatric ED Visits: 55,000
Trauma Center: Level 1
Residency Type: 1-4
Fellowship Programs: 5
FT Faculty: 40
Residents: 48