Critical Care Ultrasound (CCUS)

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  1. Courses taught (include lecture hours, lab hours, discussion of group hours, if course master)
    Role: SICU/CTICU Director of Critical Care Ultrasound Training Program
    1. New Critical Care Ultrasound Education Program (Est. 2014)
      1. Multidisciplinary critical care lecture series- 4/8 lectures
        1. Introduction to CCUS
        2. LV function assessment
        3. RV function assessment
        4. RUSH exam
      2. Hands On Ultrasound Courses
        1. Annual NP Central Line Course
        2. Annual CCM BASIC US Course
        3. Annual ADVANCED course
    2. Critical Care Fellow Ultrasound Elective
      1. Critical Care Ultrasound Elective- hands on time with me for 3 weeks US scanning
      2. Weekly US rounds Wednesday 12-1 (SICU conf room) +/- Fellow Scan review
  2. ED Ultrasound Faculty
    1. EM conference lectures
    2. EM medical student lectures
    3. Ultrasound/Critical Care Scholar Track lectures
    4. Ultrasound section website updating
    5. Faculty Credentialing Scan Shifts

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