Wash U Research in the News - ED Patient Safety Trigger Tools, Diagnosing Subarachnoid Hemorrhage

Congrats to Rich Griffey and Ryan Schneider (and our former colleague Jen Wiler) for publishing ED-specific trigger tools (attached). Believe it or not, despite an increasing rumbling from CORD, Joint Commission, AHRQ and others to enhance the level of patient safety across healthcare settings following the 1999 Institute of Medicine report, Rich’s work-group is the first to tackle ED-specific triggers that can be used downstream to identify potentially preventable patient safety events. Timely and innovative! If you’re on Twitter or Facebook, please help disseminate Rich & Ryan’s efforts far & wide and use this html:

Also, please help me to disseminate this diagnostic systematic review exploring the role of history, physical exam, LP, and CT for the ED diagnosis of subarachnoid hemorrhage using Twitter and Facebook with this html: http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/acem.12984/abstract. One interesting factoid from this meta-analysis: the number needed to LP to identify one aneurysmal cerebral aneurysm requiring intervention following a negative CT within 6 hours of symptom onset may be as high as 15,000! Read through the manuscript when you have time to see how we computed that number. This meta-analysis was co-authored with Greg Zipfel from Wash U Neurosurgery and will be the topic of our January 2017 Journal Club including a special guest co-author from Kingston Ontario – so read up, be skeptical, and let me know what you think. And please “tweet” this html out with your thoughts to help me to disseminate the manuscript.

Click here for the Development of an Emergency Department Trigger Tool Using a Systematic Search and Modified Delphi Process PDF

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